Details on the 6GB RAM version of Galaxy Note 7 have been detailed time and time again, and it’s still disappointing to see that a 4GB RAM model was announced in China. However, it’s not too late to be joyous once more because according to Chinese Weibo (@KJuma), the printed material of a different Galaxy Note 7’s packaging shows 128GB of internal storage, as well as 6GB of RAM. However, you might have to give away an arm and a leg for this one, because the source’s pricing suggests the 7000 Yuan range, which is equal to slightly less than $1050.

Are you honestly going to pay above $1000 just to see more storage and RAM that you’re probably not going to take advantage of? The pricing is completely absurd, but for those who want the best of the best from an Android flagship, they will spend the necessary amount of money to purchase it and we respect their decision. 128GB of internal memory will be advantageous, and so will 6GB of RAM, if used wisely, but the severe drawbacks of having more RAM is it will consume more battery life.

Galaxy Note 7 6GB RAM retail box

While Galaxy Note 7 features a large battery capacity, 3,500mAh isn’t one of the highest capacity ranges in the world, and the phablet will last you less than a whole day’s worth of battery life if you stress it too much.

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Galaxy Note 7

Our advice to you would be to only purchase the 6GB RAM model if you will actually show the use for it, otherwise, the base model will be plentiful. While we’re talking about buying decisions, it hasn’t been reported on when this version of Galaxy Note 7 is going to be launched. Samsung has already admitted that demand for the phablet was exceedingly high, so it’s possible that the emergence of this model might not come too soon.


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