There’s still a couple of months to go before Samsung launches its much-awaited phablet, the Galaxy Note 6. It is being said that the device will be out in August, and if that is true, then the iPhone 7 that is coming out in September will have a very tough competition. The Galaxy Note 6 will take the bars higher and will come with beastly specs and features, which might divert the attention of the market from the iPhone 7 to the Galaxy Note 6.

Samsung Note 6
Samsung Note 6

As we already know, the iPhone 7 is not coming with much changes to its design and might not have many new features that Apple is probably saving for the iPhone 8. This might give Samsung a chance to damage the success of the iPhone 7 by releasing the Samsung Galaxy Note 6 that will be greater in terms of specs and features. But how great will the Galaxy Note 6 be to be able to beat Apple’s next flagship phone? Let’s see.

Galaxy Note 6 Will Get Beastly Specs!

The Galaxy Note5 was a great phone and enjoyed considerable success. But Samsung has upped its standards with the Galaxy S7, so the Galaxy Note 6 will a few notches higher than the Note5. A ChristianDaily report says that the Note 6 will be carrying a powerful Snapdragon 820 (or 823) processor in some countries and an equally powerful Exynos 8890 in other regions. Coupled with the fast processor will be a whopping 6GB of RAM!

As for the internal storage, the Galaxy Note 6 is expected to come with 64GB-128GB onboard storage, and the company might surprise us with a 256GB option too. Also, just like the S7 got the microSD slot back, we think that Note 6 will get the expansion slot too. The new phablet will come with a 5.8-inches Quad HD (2K) Super AMOLED display.

Better Camera, Larger Battery, Improved S Pen

We have seen the S7 getting a better camera than the S6, thanks to the larger sensor that draws in more light and provides crisper, true color photos even in the low-light. TechTimes says that the Galaxy Note 6 is expected to get the same 12.1MP rear camera and 5MP front camera as it is a flagship-level device. Also, the Note 6 will be boasting of a larger 4000mAh battery that will easily last all day without any worry.

An important aspect of the Note series is the S Pen stylus, which helps the users do creative things easily and multi-task conveniently. The Galaxy Note 6 will get an improved, smarter S Pen that will hopefully bring more functions to the stylus and make it worth having. The device will also get a Type-C USB port.

Other rumors say that the Note 6 will get an IP68 certification and will be waterproof and dustproof just like the S7. Well, there’s no reason why Samsung won’t bring this feature to the Galaxy Note 6 considering how expensive the device is. Also, the device is rumored to get a retina scanner too, though it seems unlikely this year.

When Will Galaxy Note 6 Launch?

According to a report by Independent, the most popular leaker Evan Blass has said that the Galaxy Note 6 will be launched in the US in mid-August this year, that’s around 15th August. It is possible that the device will be launched globally on the same date, similar to what happened with the Note5.

So as we said earlier, the beastly specs of the Samsung Galaxy Note 6 might overshadow the iPhone 7’s possible success. Apple, you really need to do something exclusive now!


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