For those who are still wondering, the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will be getting the Android Marshmallow update soon. However, the company hasn’t revealed any dates or information as to when we should expect the update to be rolled out. This has made a lot of Note 4 users impatient, who just cannot wait to try out the Marshmallow flavour on their phablet.

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Well, if you are one of them, you will be happy to know that you can install Android Marshmallow on your Galaxy Note 4. Of course, this is not an official update and it involves flashing a custom ROM to your Note 4. It is an unofficial CyanogenMod 13 ROM and is based on Android 6.0 Marshmallow. But before you get all excited about it, please note that it is just a beta version, and if you want a more stable version, you can get use the CM12.1 ROM.

Called as the CM13.0 910F/G ROM for the Galaxy Note 4, this ROM is not suggested for average users as it involves technical procedure of flashing the custom ROM on your device. In case something goes wrong, you might end up with a bricked device and we will not be responsible for it. So go ahead with the installation only if you know what you’re doing.’

Install CM13 Marshmallow on Galaxy Note 4

  1. Make sure that you are on COI3 bootloader and modem.
  2. Take a full backup of your current installation using TWRP.
  3. Perform a full factory reset.
  4. Download the ROM, Gapps , and blobs and flash them into the phone. You can find the how-to-flash guide in this post.

The Marshmallow multi-window mode works like a charm in this custom ROM. You can enable the mode in the Developer options. While you are there, do not forget to enable root and MTP over USB by default.

As said earlier, the custom ROM is still in its beta mode and is unstable and buggy. For instance, the fingerprint scanner does not work, battery drains out faster, NFC does not work, etc. The bugs will be ironed out soon. Till then, enjoy this Marshmallow flavour!


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