Google is going to be unveiling Android N at the upcoming I/O event this month, but a lot of phones are still running Android Lollipop. The Android Marshmallow update still hasn’t reached a lot of phones. Some of them might not be compatible with the latest version of Android, while others are being neglected by their manufacturers.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 was a very successful device, but it still hasn’t received the Android 6.0 Marshmallow update. Samsung has rolled out the Marshmallow update for the Galaxy Note 4, but the Galaxy Note 3 Marshmallow update has still not arrived. Most of the people believe that the device is not capable of running the Marshmallow firmware, which is why it will not get anymore major OS updates.


Coming to the LG G2, which was also a great smartphone at its time, the phone is three years old now. There were some rumors earlier that LG G2 might get updated to Android Marshmallow soon, and a G2 on Verizon was found running the update. But the phone still hasn’t got the update yet, and we are still waiting for any concrete news about it.

Sorry guys, but the Sony Xperia Z1 is not going to receive the Marshmallow update from the company. The device is just too old to run the firmware properly, and even if it could, there’s no way Sony is going to spend its resources on such an old and outdated device.

If you own these smartphones and are desperate to try out the Android Marshmallow OS on them, then your only way out of this is a custom ROM. Do note that custom ROMs can cause issues in your devices and might also cause them to go dead, so do it on your own risk. Meanwhile, we’ll let you know if we hear anything else about these smartphones getting any updates.

  • Keith Wright

    Worthless article. If there isn’t anything to report, why make a report?

    Shiva hasn’t returned to India!
    Jesus still hasn’t returned to Jerusalem!
    You still can’t turn lead to gold!
    The Note 3 still isn’t getting Marshmallow!

    This is as bad as posting imaginary flagship release guesses…
    “Note 9 to possibly, maybe, could get soft drink dispenser, 4k projection TV, BBQ grill, and nuclear battery!”

    Posting this crap is a waste of readers time.

    • Tom Sekulic

      Not only that…..this worthless “news” was picked up by Google news and spread around the net.
      You could’ve said that Note 3 is perfectly capable of running Marshmallow: to and see XDA forums… There are at least 3 Samsung & 6 AOSP ROM’s!

      • Keith Wright

        Need SELinux permissive, (permission changer doesn’t work because of Knox) SIM not showing, (phone not working) , shows sd card corrupted (it’s not) I’ll wait for an update with a better kernel.