Galaxy Folder 2 has already been leaked once before, but this time you’ll get a far closer look at the smartphone that’s supposed to make a comeback as far as the flip phone is concerned. This time though, you get a more closer look at the smartphone, and as far as build quality goes, it not that bad of a phone. The only thing that might disappoint you are the hardware specifications.

The specifications of the upcoming Galaxy Folder 2 include a 1.4GHz processor present in a Qualcomm Snapdragon SoC. Exact details on the chip has not been provided, but the rest of the hardware does shed light that the smartphone is going to be a powerful one and you will see why. A 2,000mAh battery is non-removable and there’s also a space available to expand your storage up to 128GB. Unfortunately, internal storage is just limited to 8GB, so there is definitely going to be a time when you will have to purchase a microSD card in the future.

The phone is running Android Marshmallow 6.0.1, so it is probably going to be running this update when it is officially released, but we’re hoping for an Android N update to become available for this too so fingers are crossed for the flip phone. There’s an 8MP camera at the rear and 5MP camera at the front.

Overall, the hardware specifications don’t speak volumes for the device, but because it’s a flip phone, it can make a decent comeback to the market, as long as the price is subjective to the consumer’s budget. However, we feel that the smartphone could remain limited to the Chinese market.

The price of the smartphone is unknown, but we can tell by looking at the hardware specifications that it could be priced below the $250 range.


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