It seems AMD is keen on rolling out a fresh top-to-bottom lineup of Radeon graphics cards based on the company’s next-generation architecture, Vega. That essentially debunks any earlier speculation about Vega being designed only for the top-of-the-shelf products.

The revelation comes from the folks over at Fudzilla who, citing anonymous sources familiar with the ongoing developments at AMD, claim that the chip giant plans to release the new lineup at the earliest possible.


If you remember, when Vega was first showcased last year on AMD’s roadmap, many presumed that it was going to be the HBM2 card that would lock horns with NVIDIA in the high-end sect of the market. It turns out, those speculations were spot on — at least partially! There will be HBM2 cards in the new lineup for sure, you can expect to see the GDDR5 variant as well.

The new lineup will comprise a high-end 4K 60FPS triple-A Gaming Radeon graphics card — the same card that was demoed last week, as well as mid and entry level cards for 1440p and 1080p gaming. While the higher-end models will carry HBM2, the more affordable choices in the lineup will sport GDDR5/X memory.

Note that, there’s no clear indication yet whether AMD will choose the standard GDDR5 memory or the faster GDDR5x for the entry and mid-range products.

Worth noting, AMD had been missing a high-end product to squarely challenge NVIDIA’s Titan X and GeForce GTX 1080 in the high-end market. However, judging by the first Doom results, it seems Vega high-end solution is about to alter that status quo.


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