It says a lot about a gaming company that will delay a game to give us even more content and make sure it is the perfect game that horror fans will love. Don’t get us wrong. We’re willing to wait, but what is the point of developers setting a launch date anymore. Why can’t they have already had the work done? Maybe they will throw in Freddy Friday The 13th The Game. A Freddy vs Jason official gameplay mode?


Friday The 13th The Game – Freddy vs Jason gamemode could be the reason why the game is delayed indefinitely

As annoying as it may be, we think it’s completely understandable that they are extending the release date. We just wish that they would show us more of the game and we don’t mean through the cabin, we mean main gameplay. So far, we’ve seen two very promising in-game screenshots as well as some very early gameplay that Gun Media shared on their channel. So far, all we hear is pre-ordering and promises. We want to see some more gameplay. We don’t doubt it won’t be good, but we feel like they’re keeping too much from us.

We had a feeling a delay was coming and we’re honestly so glad they did. We see so many games try to release early or on time and then it ends up sucking or being full of bugs and issues. People would rather wait longer and get something of quality. We’re also pretty damn excited to get the single player and Tommy Jarvis. And now there are major rumors going on for a Freddy vs Jason gamemode. If that’s the reason why they are delaying the game then so be it.

We understand the whole concept of them adding in a single player mode and adding in bots. That’s one of the outcries we’ve at least seen when they showed the process of the game. But our main question would be, why not release as promised as an online multiplayer game and add in the single player mode as a patch? At least those backed the game because of its multiplayer would get to play it on time. Anyways, let us know what you think of Friday The 13th The Game.


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