Friday the 13th the Game has officially released the dates for both PC Betas. The friends and family closed beta and the standard pre-order closed beta.


Friday the 13th: The Game Beta release date confirmed

The beta is starting on 19th of December. If you have not seen it yet Gun Media has Posted that they will be extending the Friday the 13th: The Game Beta by 1 extra day until the 24th. It is due to some technical issues they have been having today regarding the beta’s launch.

A total of about five days for a beta phase? That’s ridiculously short for an online game. Working out the nuances of the net code alone is typically a multi-week job (remember Dead by Daylight’s “launch”)? Well, we’re sure they know what they’re doing. Fingers crossed.

Remember this is an Indy company. It’s costing them $11,000 a day for the Beta Servers. They don’t have EA Money. When Evolve did the beta servers cost them $65,000 per day. You have to remember this game was funded by fans as a Kickstarter project.

There is no Console Beta. If yu want a console beta that would have to delay the game more as it takes about 3 months for a console to approve a beta build. So anyone, no matter what platform they pre-order the game for, will get access to the PC Beta.

Betas usually never run until release. The beta is designed so we can play it for a few days and help the devs find bugs. And give them input on what they can do to approve different things. It’s not a marketing beta to sell more games like a COD beta is. This beta is designed to help them with any issues players find.


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