If you are from the UK and worry about the development of healthcare services in your country, then here is some good news for you. Jeremy Hunt, Health Secretary of Britain, has made an announcement that all the NHS (National Health Service) buildings in the UK will now get free Wi-Fi in order to reduce costs and improve the services.

BBC quoted Jeremy Hunt as he said,””Everyone using the NHS expects it to be a world leader in digital healthcare and free Wi-Fi is an essential part of making that a reality. It will give patients and staff the ability to access the services they need as well as freeing up clinical time and reducing overall costs.

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The new free Wi-Fi facility will provide the patients with free internet for their phones and tablets so that they can be in touch with their family and friends or can watch TV on-demand. The staff can also save their time by sharing information via the web with a click rather than sending physical documents. Also, paper charts are now being fast replaced by tablets and mobile clinical systems.

As of now, some hospitals do charge for Wi-Fi and not everybody has access to it. This will be changed soon now that all the NHS buildings will get equipped with free Wi-Fi and the facilities will then develop and improve. Though no specific time frame has been set, we can expect the NHS to go all digital and paperless by the year 2020.


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