Reliance Jio 4G SIM has caught people’s attention more than any other SIM in India. Why would anybody want to miss getting a free SIM that provides unlimited voice calls, unlimited high-speed data, and SMS? The demand for Jio 4G SIM continues to rise by the day, as the offer concludes this December end. To make the best of the remaining 75-odd days of the Preview Offer, people are thronging Reliance Jio outlets for Jio SIM. Several outlets, unable to handle the huge crowd, have begun restricting the number of SIMs sold per day. In order to ensure “One device One 4G SIM”, Reliance recently made barcodes mandatory for procuring a 4G SIM.


While many customers have been waiting in the queue and are beginning to get frustrated due to lack of adequate supply of 4G SIM, an e-commerce website named silently started offering Jio SIM cards online for free. Looks like’s intentions were noble – to get rid of the long wait times for getting a Jio 4G SIM. Very soon, the website started getting orders for free SIMs. Incidentally, the SIMs offered by the website came with the same Preview Offer that regular Jio SIMs come with – free unlimited high-speed data, voice calls, and SMS.

Those who visited the website and were interested in ordering one (who wouldn’t be??) were asked to fill the online form with details like name, e-mail address, phone number and delivery address. The website claimed that the SIMs were free, but charged about INR 199 for delivery. Everything seemed to going on well until recently when the website silently stopped offering its services. The exact cause of non-availability of 4G SIMs online on the said website is unknown.

When you try to access the website now, all you see is an error that reads – “This account has been suspended. Contact your hosting provider for more information.”


It remains unknown whether the website did deliver Jio SIMs at all. If reports are to be believed, the activation process online took quite a long time as the documents had to be sent to the authorized Jio person by the online vendor. This process took time but didn’t involve Aadhar-based verification. Reports also indicate that the said e-commerce website also hosted JioFi dongle – which comes with a Jio SIM card – for INR 2000.

However, eCouponDeals has brushed this aside calling it a scam. “Some scam sites are taking over people on Whatsapp, emails, and SMS also. They claim to deliver a Reliance Jio SIM at your doorstep in just a small cost of shipping charges. Please don’t go for any such site. They are 100 per cent fake and they might share your personal data with the third party to make money.”

Other websites/agencies could very well be spreading false information about Jio 4G SIM availability and delivery. We suggest readers exercise caution when it comes to sharing personal information and especially in cases where the websites only accept money without any option for Cash-on-delivery.


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