Playground Games, the UK designer behind the Forza Horizon 3 game, will open a small studio to chip away at another game. As detailed by, the untitled new game, right now alluded to just as ‘Project 2’, will be open world, and won’t highlight racing.

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Forza Horizon 3 Dev Is Making a Non-Racing, Open World Game

Playground Games will open the new premises within walking distance of its present studio. It’s a move required by Fulton’s desire to twofold the developer’s present headcount of 115 workers. Part of the inspiration for Project 2 is to give vocation improvement to the individuals who have just ever worked at Playground. Moreover, they, all things considered, have just dealt with the Forza Horizon arrangement.

It might likewise give them a chance to chip away at various platforms. While the greater part of Playground’s work has been Xbox-exclusive games, Playground itself is a free developer. That implies Project 2 could be multiplatform or exclusive to another support.

It’s an energizing move. Forza Horizon has never scored truly terrible on any of the review sites. Moreover, last yeat’s Forza Horizon 3 turned out to be the best of the group. It’ll be interesting to perceive what Playground concocts outside of its customary range of familiarity.

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Source: Games Industry


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