While the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ were [so far] arguably the most awaited Android flagships of the year, many analysts are of the opinion that the South Korean company’s next big release is going to be a real show stopper. Yes, I mean the forthcoming Galaxy Note 8, the successor to the troubled Galaxy Note 7 that seems to be doing surprisingly good as the butt of internet jokes even today.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 memesSo, if you were planning to buy a Samsung Galaxy S8 or S8+ but can afford to wait until later in the year, maybe you should do so as even Samsung has confirmed that the new Galaxy S8 would be much better, more innovative, and well, safer compared to any other Galaxy handsets. In fact, if you think about it, the company must make the Note 8 somewhat special if it wants to redeem itself from the humiliation caused by the Note 7.

We already covered the possible Galaxy Note 8 specs and features last week.

Meanwhile, we have just bumped into YouTube channel Concept Creator’s absolutely gorgeous Galaxy Note S8 render. As you will see in the video below, it’s basically a better version of the Samsung Galaxy S8. On a casual look, you may be distracted by the handset’s overall appearance, but it comes with a bigger 6.4-inc Infinity display, a built-in stylus, as well as a dual lens camera on the back.

Galaxy Note 8 concept design

Also, note that instead of an ugly fingerprint sensor on the back, the Galaxy Note 8 will probably have it directly under the display. The designer seems to have forgotten it in the concept video below.

Also, worth mentioning that earlier Galaxy S8 rumors had it that Samsung was looking to have its first flagship of the year feature a dual lens camera on the back and a fingerprint sensor under the display. However, said fingerprint technology was not ready at the time of launch, forcing the Galaxy maker to ditch that plan and instead opt for a single-lense camera with the fingerprint sensor right next to it.

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Are you excited about the Galaxy Note 8? Apart from not exploding in your hands, how else would you like it to be different from its older sibling? Let us know in the comments below.