The Flood will return in Halo 6. We all miss those creeps so let’s not beat around the bush. They were the most fun enemies to fight in Halo 1 to 3. They really threw things for a loop and added a lot of depth to different encounters. Now, we haven’t seen a Flood in a new Halo game since 2009 with Halo Wars. Before that, it was Halo 3 in 2007. So, it has been quite a long time since we fought them.

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Halo 6 and The Flood

There is no better time than the sequel to bring The Flood. Throw the player in a loop and give him this overpowered enemy to fight against. Now there’s no confirmation of this yet but we have a pretty good reason to believe The Flood will be returning.

In Halo 5’s ending we are shown the Halo Ring that we’re going to be on and that obviously means fighting the Covenant as well as the Flood. 343 still has lot of things they need to figure out and one of those is obviously introducing a new enemy type. And what better way to do that than to bring back a really old and iconic one.

Now we need to figure out what story they are going to tell with the new Halo 6. What direction will they take the game in next? Are they going to drop the squad-based gameplay or will they keep that? We need to figure it out all. If Halo 5 is any indication of what 343 is capable of then we shouldn’t doubt there ability in handling The Flood in Halo 6. However, will The Flood have numerous changes to it? Will it be revamped completely?

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