“The Flash” Season 4 will continue in the absence of Barry. The finale of the last season showed that Barry imprisons himself in the Speed Force and the team has no other option but to leave without him. Details about the next season were recently revealed at the ComicCon 2017. Check out!

According to Buddy TV, in the absence of Barry, Wally and Cisco will step up as the Central City’s costumed heroes. However, the trailer of “The Flash” Season 4 reveals that the team will be led by none other than Iris West who will take the final words of Barry very seriously.

Iris To Save The Day In ‘The Flash’ Season 4

Iris is herself in deep pain having lost Barry. The trailer reveals that everyone around Iris is mourning the loss of Barry, especially Cisco and Joe. However, Iris will be determined to come out of this crisis and save the day for the Central City. Apart from Iris, another woman to be a part of the team will be Danielle Panabaker who will portray the character of Caitlin Snow.

The Flash Season 4
The Flash

Even the alter ego of Snow, Killer Frost will be on the Team Flash in “The Flash” Season 4. During the Comic Con Panel discussion, Panabaker did not reveal much about Killer and Caitlin but said that fans will not be disappointed with these two characters.

Another important character to return for the fourth season will be Gypsy and romance is expected to soar in between Gypsy and Cisco in “The Flash” Season 4. Gypsy’s father called Breacher will be making a surprise appearance and the character will be portrayed by the famous actor Danny Trejo.

Lighter Moments Predicted For ‘The Flash’ Season 4

According to Blasting News, the upcoming season will be less dark and feature lighter moments. Helbing recently said that they have tried their best to make the next season a bit lighter and introduce some jokes a lot different from the dark themed previous season.

“The Flash” Season 4 will return to the small screen on October 10, 2017.


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