If you can recollect, Season 2 of The Flash saw the introduction of an evil speedster named Zoom. In Flash of Two Worlds, Jay explains everyone that he is the Flash on a parallel Earth and that he was in a battle with a demonic speedster named Zoom when the singularity brought him to this Earth without powers. Season 2 ended at an interesting point. Barry – a.k.a The Flash – had a horrific time defeating Zoom. Barry eventually takes down the villain, who is then forced to serve as the grim reaper by Speed Force’s Time Wraiths. And now, The Flash’s mid-season episode premiere is all set to return to the small screen. Several spoilers and rumors have been floating around regarding what Season 3 has in store for Barry’s fans. Recent spoilers hint at Zoom’s upcoming return to Flash’s – Barry Allen, played by Grant Gustin – life. It’s also being reported that the villain will be seen in several CW superhero series.


The Flash Season 3 spoilers

Forced into servitude by the Time Wraiths, Zoom’s appearance was changed to a scarier version of himself. It looks like Zoom will make a re-appearance in The Flash Season 3. Andrew Kreisberg, the creator of Flash and also the creator of Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow, revealed in a recent Television Critics Association press event that Barry’s life is going to get more complicated as the evil Zoom will return as the Black Flash. And as always, Zoom’s return will have an impact on the story lines in other CW superhero series. Viewers have always been astounded by how The Flash and Arrow inter-link with each other with their own twists and turns. With Zoom’s return, it’s quite interesting to see how Arrow’s story line changes.

Villain’s return to affect other CW storylines

It’s not confirmed yet as to whether the dark speedster will return in all CW superhero series. But his return is sure to affect some of the CW superhero series, most probably Arrow. “Now [that] he is the Grim Reaper, he is like the Devil … It presents an interesting challenge for the heroes of the respective shows in which he appears”, says Kreisberg. The storyline will get all the more interesting with Zoom’s return. Not just that, The Flash fans have something more to cheer about. Season 4 of The Flash has already been confirmed by CW President Mark Pedowitz. So gear up for more fun and excitement!

The Flash Season 3 mid-season episode premiere releases on January 24th on CW.



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