Spirit Guardian

Spirit Guardian in Nioh is a truly different element that separates it from a lot of the popular Action-RPG titles. This Guardian keeps up the pace with you while you are engaged in hardcore combats. Each and every guardian has his/her own special abilities and unique powers that help you defeat the enemies.

You can simply unleash your Spirit Guardian on your enemies by keeping on filling any of the meters. Spirit Guardian provide with powerful attacks that help you defeat more powerful and advanced level enemies.

Follow Up

All the mentioned elements are differentiating aspects that take Nioh out of your regular approach. These elements make Nioh a lot different Action-RPG game than the rest you would have played. The innovative approach of these aspects, advanced mechanics and plenty of other options makes Nioh a very exciting and rewarding experience. We’ve covered some of these aspects. If you think we’ve missed something, do let us know about it via the comments. We’ll love to add a bit more detail to this post based on your interests and opinions.


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