Stances and Weapons

The Stance mechanics of Nioh lets you enjoy a deep variety filled combat. You can either choose a very fast ‘Low’ stance, or a very slow but ‘High’ stance, or you can also balance them both for a mixed stance known as ‘Mid’. The fly lets you change any stance at any time and lets you make a variety of different moves while in combat. This is particularly connected to the weapon types you use during the encounters. Your play-style lets you decide about the weapon you use while going against the enemies based on their levels.

In general, this particular element in Nioh offers a whole lot of variety in combats against the bosses. This unique aspect of Nioh differs it from all the other mentioned Action-RPG titles. For example, if you compare it to the Dark Souls series games, you’ll find out that they don’t have any Stance options at all. They sure offer a lot more weapon choices but they are not at all comparable to what Nioh offers. Despite Nioh’s handful weapon choices, you’ll find a lot of the innovative ones. Their operation might seem a bit similar but they can damage more.


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