4. Potential Errors and Crash

“Error 404: Not Found”

stuck and needs a restart (or remove the power source) [Image courtesy – community.netapp.com)

In a time of artificial intelligence encountering an error message on your PC seems like you have entered into the realm of “Gone: The Stone Age Boy”. Crash reports and errors on PC games are still a thing. Modding has enhanced the gaming experience by many folds but fiddling with the original setup invites a lot of unwanted bugs in your overall gaming experience. Modding or installing a DLC affects your computer in a number of unexpected ways, whereas with console gaming occurrence of such crashes are literally null. So play wisely and choose a console for your future games.

5. Consoles are cheaper

“Good quality is cheap, it’s poor quality that is expensive”

exclusive console games

Nobody needs to ever spend a single dime for buying a game on PC provided you know where to find them (double wink!). But what comes next is an eye opener. I remember being unable to play a number of games on my PC because my PC lacked the necessary requirements. Everyone has faced it. Buying a new PC that can run each and every game has been the eternal dilemma for every gamer. Currently, a PC that can run almost every modern graphic intensive game will cost you around $1500, and in a year or two, it will become outdated for the contemporary video games titles. Whereas, a decent console can be purchased for less than the 50 percent cost of a PC. I agree buying a game on Xbox and PlayStation is a costly affair but that doesn’t involve piracy and breaking a law as everything is legal on consoles. On the other hand, opening a torrent website alone for the purpose of downloading a PC game can land you in jail in many countries.


There is no doubt about the endless utility that a PC can deliver, but when it comes to gaming, a computer fails to match the amount of satisfaction a Console can provide for the same game. Advocates of PC gaming claims that a console can never replace a PC when it comes to first person shooter or strategy games, but one or two cons of consoles can not deny the overall positive and unparalleled gaming experience.

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