With every new game launch, threads of Reddit becomes violent. Reason being, that game is available exclusively on Xbox or the studio is going to launch a PC version of the same game next years. And there we have the repeated fight over Consoles (Xbox and PlayStation) are better than PC gaming. That triggers hardcore gamers who prefer their good old trusted PC to feed their gaming appetite. However, nobody has been hurt in this fight so to keep our future peaceful let us settle this war of “which is better?” Once and for all.

We are going to judge both PC and consoles (like Xbox and PlayStation) on numerous grounds and asses minute details of both the platforms. When first PlayStation was launched, people described it as the future of the gaming industry and now with the revving popularity of consoles for gaming has proved it right. Traditional PC gamers would disagree with this but let us leave that aside for a minute and focus on the following 5 Reasons Why Xbox And PlayStation Are Better Than PC Gaming.

1. Purpose Says It All

“Jack of all trade but master of none”

Cumbersome PC

No doubt a PC can do everything that a console does, it can even perform functions that consoles are incapable of. This is the foremost reason why we needed Consoles dedicated for gaming in the first place. Playing video games were never supposed to be the primary function of PCs. On the other hand, consoles were designed solely for gaming purpose. For that matter, even popular gaming studios design prototypes of their games using the technology of consoles and that’s why we see games launched exclusively or on a priority basis for Consoles before making a debut on PC. After all, consoles were designed in the first place to enhance the overall gaming experience.


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