With every new game launch, threads of Reddit becomes violent. Reason being, that game is available exclusively on Xbox or the studio is going to launch a PC version of the same game next years. And there we have the repeated fight over Consoles (Xbox and PlayStation) are better than PC gaming. That triggers hardcore gamers who prefer their good old trusted PC to feed their gaming appetite. However, nobody has been hurt in this fight so to keep our future peaceful let us settle this war of “which is better?” Once and for all.

We are going to judge both PC and consoles (like Xbox and PlayStation) on numerous grounds and asses minute details of both the platforms. When first PlayStation was launched, people described it as the future of the gaming industry and now with the revving popularity of consoles for gaming has proved it right. Traditional PC gamers would disagree with this but let us leave that aside for a minute and focus on the following 5 Reasons Why Xbox And PlayStation Are Better Than PC Gaming.

1. Purpose Says It All

“Jack of all trade but master of none”

Cumbersome PC

No doubt a PC can do everything that a console does, it can even perform functions that consoles are incapable of. This is the foremost reason why we needed Consoles dedicated for gaming in the first place. Playing video games were never supposed to be the primary function of PCs. On the other hand, consoles were designed solely for gaming purpose. For that matter, even popular gaming studios design prototypes of their games using the technology of consoles and that’s why we see games launched exclusively or on a priority basis for Consoles before making a debut on PC. After all, consoles were designed in the first place to enhance the overall gaming experience.

  • NuxaPower

    I wonder if I’ll ever get to see the day the console has:

    Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs
    Amnesia: The Dark Descent
    Ark: Survival Evolved
    Arma 3
    Cities: Skylines
    Civilization: Beyond Earth
    Civilization V
    Company of Heroes 2
    Crusader Kings II
    Crypt of the Necrodancer
    Dota 2
    Endless Legend
    Euro Truck Simulator 2
    Europa Universalis IV
    Gone Home
    Hard Reset
    Her Story*
    Heroes of the Storm
    Kerbal Space Program
    League Of Legends (Biggest playerbase in the world)
    Mount & Blade: Warband
    Mount & Blade: With Fire & Sword
    Napoleon: Total War
    Path of Exile
    Pillars Of Eternity
    Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad
    Rising Storm
    S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Call of Pripyat
    Shadowrun Hong Kong
    Shadowrun Returns*
    Star Citizen
    Tesla Effect: A Tex Murphy Adventure
    The Forest
    The Talos Principle
    This War Of Mine
    Torchlight 2
    Total War: Attila
    Total War: Rome II
    Total War: Shogun 2
    War Thunder
    Wasteland 2

    And these are recent big ones, please do some kind of investigation before.
    (If you wonder, there are aroud 2381 exclusives of the pc, between 2000-2013, just imagine from 2013 to 2017, and from before 2000, can any console play games from the 80’s to current times without paying extra to the games?)

  • Ian Urquhart

    The only point the article gets right is the possible errors associated with trying to run older titles on PC (or bad ports) my PC sits in my entertainment unit plugged into a 55″ tv and paired with a steam controller is every bit as masterful in the livingroom as and console. These points were all I’ll considered and don’t take into account the most recent developments in the PC space

  • Tyler green

    This article made me want shoot my self in the head with fatman from fallout

  • Thor Mjolnirs

    Oh boy, where to start with this brand of shenanigans?

    “Playing video games were never supposed to be the primary function of PCs.”

    You can order and/or build PCs that heavily favor a certain function. PCs are multipurpose, with the capability to favor a certain task.

    “even popular gaming studios design prototypes of their games using the technology of consoles”

    This is not an advantage. This is the digital equivalent of sketching out an idea on paper.

    “that’s why we see games launched exclusively or on a priority basis for Consoles before making a debut on PC”

    And given the current climate of gaming, the most popular of titles are being patched up at launch. So, to all you console fanboys who like to revel in getting things first, you’re electing to also be beta testing guinea pigs whether you like it or not. Thanks.

    “Remember the whole year you had to wait to play GTA V on your PC? That’s how things are in an era dominated by consoles. You have to wait and then wait and then wait again to download a game from Steam”

    See my last point.

    “On the other hand, visit your nearest store and get an authentic copy of a just-released game and show the gameplay to your PC fanatic friends.”

    Cool. Great. You got a copy of a piece of software that will only run on a specific piece of hardware and ONLY on that hardware. You’re probably not going to keep that disc for long but if you do, it’s not going to last forever. Oh, and if it’s a game you really like that you want to play again later down the line, you’ve got to keep your console in working condition for just as long. Don’t have it? Oh, just pay again when it gets ported to the next generation console for a third of the price you paid for it.

    That’s assuming it gets a port in the first place.

    “Everyone who has experienced playing a mission of GTA or Skyrim on a 40+ inches TV would certainly start abhorring their PC for being a captive of a small screen. Apart from size, another thing associated with consoles is the comfort you get from your sofa.”

    Yeah, uh… Big Picture Mode has been a thing that’s existed for a while now. And, what’s this? Computers have HDMI output? For more than half a decade now? Get out of town.

    “Crash reports and errors on PC games are still a thing.”

    You mean like on consoles too?

    “Modding or installing a DLC affects your computer in a number of unexpected ways”

    You mean like on consoles too?

    “So play wisely”

    I’ll pick the one where they don’t charge you to play online!

    “5. Consoles are cheaper”

    You get what you pay for.

    “Currently, a PC that can run almost every modern graphic intensive game will cost you around $1500”

    My Core i3/R9 380 runs Doom at 60FPS with a handful of settings toned down. It still looks decent regardless. And while consoles are allowing a FEW visual settings, it’s nowhere near as in-depth as a PC game would let you customize. It seems you either get a hard lock at 30FPS or less detail with performance ***UP TO*** 60 frames.

    It’s one or the other. Never inbetween. No freedom to have it your way.

    You really do get what you pay for when it comes to the current generation of consoles.

  • LinkLeo

    You are an oblivious idiot or a troll, neither is a good look. Your career is over.

  • David Sachs

    My comment debunking the points the author has made were marked as spam and removed. Even though they were intelligent and respectful. Sounds like this site is no more than propaganda and will not entertain being questioned. Removing from feed.

  • David Sachs

    The points made by the author are hollow at best. Let’s review, not in order, but just to debunk some of his points.

    Screen size:

    Most graphics cards have and HDMI output. This allows you to use any television you like. I happen to use my 4k UHD 55 inch smart TV.


    There is a huge market for high end PC parts. When I built mine, I researched every piece. After I did my research I ordered exactly what parts I wanted to build my system with. This is far better quality control than a pre-built system, or console. Not to mention as games get more demanding I can replace once modular part at a time to upgrade, at far less the cost than buying a next gen console.


    See previous statement. With an initial investment of the cost of building your system, most upgrades are going to cost less than 50% of the cost of a new next gen console, with better performance.

    System failures:

    Almost every gaming system runs Windows 10. This isn’t preference, it’s just the fact that the majority of games aren’t released for Linux. I’m a Linux engineer and would prefer they would, but open source is… Well.. open source. Windows works for the basics, and if you use the recommended drivers and a decent anti virus you will almost never get an error message. If you do, it can be fixed. And if it can’t, hard drives are a dime a dozen these days and that’s what you would most likely be replacing.

    Remember the red ring of death for the 360? How about the over heat red light for ps4? Who’s fixing that? Most likely you will need a new console and will pay full retail price.

    Title releases:

    Yes the biggest pain of PC gaming. This is not the fault of PCs or PC gamers. This is the fault of corporations and and licensing rights. Yes this is a downer, and probably the only valid point on the list however, it can easily be eliminated if game developers would open their products to a very large and profitable market. Some of the best versions of titles were configured for PC. Rise of the Tomb Raider for example. The devs took advantage of the far better GPU capabilities of PC gaming and made one of the most beautiful immersive titles of the last 5 years. Why would the devs not want to showcase their work like that? This is a question that haunts me and most PC gamers.

    In conclusion:

    This article is far off the mark. There are advantages and disadvantages to both PC and console gaming, it just comes down to choice. Do you have the time and knowledge to build a gaming PC? Do you want to play mostly sports titles? Do you want control over the performance and upgrade capabilities of your system? Before anyone drops hundreds of dollars to game, these are questions they should definitely ask themselves.

  • Tomas Mcfadyen

    I feel as though this person just went on youtube, ignored all the pro PC youtubers and went to Punky Jay, Jaytech TV, etc.

  • Usrrnamert

    This article made it easy to decide to block Mobi picker from my Google now feed. Thank you for printing this garbage.

  • Osama Bin Khalid

    This is such bullshit. I think the author is retarded. Closing up he said “One or two cons of consoles” I mean like seriously? When we tell them about fps they start going like yeah yeah whatever. But in reality, that’s all the satisfaction us games can derive from PC which is not there in consoles. And as far as 15.6 inch screens are related so I think you’re still living in medieval times. I have a 60 inch in my lounge and have paired it with my PC (which I built for around 350$) and can have a greater experience than consoles.
    Get your damn facts straight!!

  • Kacee Cooley

    Utter rubbish, consoles are great for kids, there aren’t any settings to touch…. Anyone who wants to mod, customize, or actually push a game to the limit uses a PC and can consistently dominate console players while pushing higher graphical settings and better frame rates. For under $600 you can build a budget system that is upgradeable and will play anything you throw at it better than a console. Best thing about PC is that it is yours, you can make it do anything you want it to….. Consoles used to be great, and you used to be able to do things with them to compete with PC’s but it’s been a long time since you could install Linux on Xbox or ps3 and have it be comparable to a pc’s level (original Xbox – they were beasts with a Linux ROM and loaded up back in the day) not to mention all the perks you can do with a pc in the grey area of usage. If you are more comfortable with consoles because it’s plug it in and go, that’s fine, but they are in no way better than PC’s just because you don’t have the ability to operate a PC as it is meant to be used. This was written by someone who calls tech support for a broken pc when their monitor reads “no video input” and we have to walk them through pushing the power button on their tower 🙂

  • ThatUndeadLegacy

    This is stupid and misinformed.

  • “Currently, a PC that can run almost every modern graphic intensive game will cost you around $1500, and in a year or two, it will become outdated for the contemporary video games titles.”
    You say this to the person who’s able to run games on high settings on an 11 year old computer with a new graphics card. The GPU is the ONLY THING that has been upgraded in 11 years, and this computer is worth about $1,500 based off the price at the time. Good research.

  • John Marcus Cook

    This article is a steaming pile of garbage. My $800 PC maxes every existing title @1080p thank you very much. The consoles can’t even play many games @1080p. I can also run those 1080p games at a consistent 60+ fps. No console can do that. And crashing?? Has this guy ever played Battlefield 4 on PS4? That game can crash once an hour sometimes. Even a lowly Kaby Lake Pentium + GTX 1050Ti would destroy a PS4 or Xbone in terms of graphical quality and frame rate. Consoles have a place, but they are NOT superior in any manner to PCs. You get a console if you can’t afford a good PC (even though the price would be the same as a console + cheapo Windows 10 laptop most people have). That’s the console market. An accessible entry point into gaming.

  • Riptearmaim BF Fame

    No way… Consoles might be a fun diversion from time to time, but series gamers, especially anyone that plays shooters just know implicitly that the best FPS gaming is found on the PC, hands down and drop the mic now… ?

    • Timgriff84

      Define serious gamer? I would not call myself a serious gamer by any margin, but according to Xbox’s stats my achievement score puts me in the top 7% last year. The only thing that tells me, is serious gamers are a very niche segmant of people playing games.

      • Stryder56

        LOL. “Achievements”

        I know what a “serious gamer” is not; somebody who cares about their achievement score.

  • Ann al Beeds

    horrible article

  • Sounds like you’ve never gamed on a PC before, or a modern console for that matter. The only argument that might have any substance is the exclusives, but even then there are PC exclusives too, in fact even more.

    Consoles crash too. My PS4 has crashed more times than any other gaming device I have. A PS4 was supposed to be for gaming but they try to be Jack’s of all trades too and it lessens the experience. And you can hook up a PC to a TV too ya know… But when you’re sitting only 10″ away from the screen the size doesn’t matter. And cost all depends on how you build. Consoles are technically outdated when they release, and if you keep up with em you have one then get the upgrade every 4-5 years or redesign every 3.

    Plus the game library on PC is gigantic, and you don’t have to worry about that backward compatibility issue.

  • Toddzilla57

    While the consoles themselves are cheaper, the games are much cheaper for PC if you’re willing to wait for sales (read: basically all the time)

    • Kyle

      they’re not even cheaper upfront anymore, I built mine for the same price and it performs better

      • Toddzilla57

        Even better!

  • Paperboy66

    Did this man just say that downloading DLC slows down your PC?

  • Audrius Kliukas

    Is this satire? Same old nonsense arguments which have been debunked million times.

  • Console Fanboy


  • Edward Turvey


  • Min64

    I read that one line “a PC that can run almost every modern graphic intensive game will cost you around $1500”
    and thats as far as i got.

    Guy i just tossed a $75 RX 460 into a 2010 PC that i was about to throw away and now my son is playing Dark souls 3, Steep, BF1 and Overwatch at great settings at 1080p.

    Why do people that don’t understand PC hardware write these articles? Why trash PC, whats your agenda?

  • *starts feeling sick after reading the article*

  • Nathan Wingard

    Console fanboy is madcuzbad

  • Grinch

    $1500 for a computer to run any modern game? Two years until it’s outdated?? What about people who spend $250 on a computer made out of a 2007 core 2 quad and a $100 graphics card outperforming consoles at 1080p playing Battlefield 1 and GTA V at full speed? Older, cheaper, and performs better

  • Thaddeus Johnson

    This may be one of the most badly written articles I have ever read. You can’t present an argument without addressing a single counterpoint from the other side…..

  • Anton Meeks
  • Timgriff84

    I have no interest in pc gaming, but even to me these points seem to miss the point.

    Neither is better, they’re just different experiences. You either want a console experience or you want a pc experience. It’s not the same thing.

    • Min64

      Actually PC is potentially superior when you compare games that are on pc and console platforms. Also PC has way more games, even entire sub-genres that are missing on console.

      Now you can like a certain game and a platform all you want but stacking these platforms against one another PC clearly is better for games these platforms share (AAA and Indies) and before you even say one word about exclusives both have them and if you like certain ones over the others thats subjective and meaningless.

      • flyinb11

        That’s generally true assuming there aren’t optimisation issues on pc games, which there tend to be. I also prefer the multi-player experience on my consoles. PC for single player.

        • Min64

          Even a game with optimization issues on PC is better than a console experience. Look at Dishonored 2. on console it was a medium setting experience locked at 30fps. on PC people trashed it because it was tough to play at 60fps when that wasnt an option for console in the first place. This is usually how “bad ports” go on PC. PC standards are higher for some reason.

      • Timgriff84

        You completely miss the point. Neither can be superior, their just different experiences. It’s like telling someone who likes swimming that running is better. It’s not to them, they just like swimming.

        Or telling someone pc gaming is better than mobile gaming. It isn’t if what they want is the device to be the same device as their phone to use on the train.

        Same thing with pc vs console. To someone that wants a console experience, a pc has completely failed even before you get to the game. They might as well not even bother, and personally if consoles didn’t exist, I wouldn’t.

        • Min64

          Guy… If we have a game on both PC and console and the PC version looks better, has more control options, free multiplayer and is cheaper is it not a fact that its superior? Its as simple as that.

        • Thor Mjolnirs

          “Neither can be superior”

          Uh, no. In terms of power and processing, you can definitely have a PC that can outclass a console. This is not up for debate.

          “To someone that wants a console experience, a pc has completely failed even before you get to the game”

          Big Picture Mode is a thing now, as is the Steam Controller and hooking up your PC to a TV.

          It very much sounds like you need to educate yourself more on the PC side of things.

          Also, “has completely failed even before you get to the game”? Bias much?

          • Timgriff84

            “Uh, no. In terms of power and processing, you can definitely have a PC that can outclass a console. This is not up for debate.”

            Nobody said it was. The debate was which is better PC or Console, not which has better power and processing.

            “Big Picture Mode is a thing for a while now, as is the Steam Controller and hooking up your PC to a TV.”

            If you’ve got a mode that hides windows, gives you a box that you can buy, plug in your tv and has a standard controller that all the games just work with bla bla bla. Isn’t that then a console? A console doesn’t have to be an Xbox, Playstation or Nintendo.

            A console is just a computer that’s been completely dumbed down to just be an entertainment device where everything just works. The point is its simple, it says its going to play some games and that’s what it does.

    • Audrius Kliukas

      Depends on what you define as “better”. In terms of raw processing power, there is no contest. If graphics, resolution, framerate are of no importance to you, then sure, PC might be better for you. But then that’s subjective.

      • Timgriff84

        True but that also misses the point that a games console and a pc are not the same thing. I like to drive something that accellerates faster. A motorbike will generally accellerate faster that a car. That doesn’t make a motorbike better for me than a car though as I like car’s not motorbikes.

        A PC will always be a PC and a console a console. You can try and turn a PC into a console, by getting a gamepad, connecting it to a TV etc. But in the end it’s still a PC that boots into windows rather than a propper consumer friendly sofa experiance.

        • Audrius Kliukas

          Actually, a console is just a specialized and limited PC. It has CPU, GPU, RAM, hard drive, literally the same components as a PC. It’s just fitted into a smaller box and you cannot tinker with it.

          Have you heard about Steam Machines? They have a console form, comes with SteamOS and connects to a TV. How is it different from console sofa experience?

          My point is, you seem to be under the impression that consoles and PCs are two completely different things and they are really not.

          • Timgriff84

            The internal parts are irrespective. A laptop, desktop and tablet all have a cpu, gpu, ram etc but there not the same device and it a lot of cases you couldn’t replace one with the other. E.g. A paramedic wouldn’t take a desktop or laptop to a patient. It would be silly.

            A steam box I can’t comment on. Never used one.

            The point though, as products these things are different for different groups of people, and depending on the type of person you are either will be better.

          • Audrius Kliukas

            Right, but the labels describe the form factor more than anything, doesn’t it? Laptop is just mobile versions of PC parts crammed in a very small form factor pretty much. Tablet is another step down and smartphone is yet another step down. The only noticeable difference between a PC and a console is form factor and of course operating system. With SteamOS and Steam machines differences are pretty much gone.

  • Ottis Jim

    Even a console fanboy can see this article is utter and total bunk.

  • BarterClub

    This is some console fanboy not knowing their facts. This is the definition of Fake News.