2. Characters, Dinosaurs, and Environmentalism

Horizon Zero Dawn offers a totally unique line-up of characters. As a new IP, it was necessary for Guerrilla games to introduce new characters. You’ll see a Female character named as Aloy as the protagonist. There are several other characters also present in the game. These characters include both playable and Non-playable characters. Alloy is the Playable character and the non-playable characters include Krast, the Nora Trader, Roast, the Aloy’s Guardian, and an unnamed Leader character. There are some other characters in the game as well that you will see as you progress.

The most significant ones are the characters described. The giant Dinosaurs are also a key element in the game as they continuously hunt and kill to survive in the world. Their unique build and the way they move is quite inspiring. Environmentalism in the game has its own significance. It has its own influence on the game, characters, and all the other elements present in the game world.


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