In FNAF Sister location, to get the “Fake Ending”, which is the hard ending to get, you need to reach 6AM in the Private room / Secret room with Ennard. This Five Nights At Freddy’s: Sister Location Guide gives you tips on how to do it since it’s a very difficult task.

five nights at freddy's: sister location guide
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Five Nights At Freddy’s: Sister Location Guide for Fake Ending

So we’ve heard some interesting theories about Ennard. His endoskeleton is the combined endoskeleton of Ballora, Circus Baby, and both Funtime Animatronics. Remember how in the scooping room you saw empty shells for all the animatronics except Baby? The endoskeleton that looks at you through the window is in fact, Ennard and not Baby. Notice how Baby refers to herself as “we” in that part.

Ennard is the one speaking to you through every night and not Baby herself. He was the cause of the child’s death when he possessed Baby while she was serving ice cream. After killing you in the scooping room, it’s implied that it removes the player’s skeleton and takes over his body. His origins, however, remain a mystery, for now at least.

To get the fake ending, the most important thing needed are headphones with stereo sound so you can easily spot audio queues on left, right and center. Since that is the most important thing to consider when trying to get that ending. Beating Ennard is entirely based on listening and make sure you are in a very quiet room or have the audio turned on to the absolute max because the audio queues are very faint.

After putting the code in the Baby’s Head, you will hear the announcer say “Go forward” but you go right. “It seems you have accidentally wandered in the restricted area” that means you are in the right place to get the fake ending. Just keep out tips in mind and you can beat this place easily.

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