We’ve been a fan of the series ever since it came out. We remember when the game was so new that it gave us chills and sweats even just by watching someone else play it. That’s how much it scared the crap out of us and many other people. We also remember when the fanbase wasn’t so toxic and strange. We still love the series, but seriously wish the fanbase isn’t the way it is now.

five nights at freddy's
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Five Nights At Freddy’s fanbase needs to be put on a leash

A good example of this is the Steam SFM video page. Just open that page and the first few videos to pop up are weird animatronics porn videos. This is kind of expected but the fact that the whole animation video site is flooded with this kind of stuff gives the impression that the community has clearly lost direction. And this makes it hard for us to find actual good quality SFM videos.

All over social media and various fan artwork sites, the lore of the events of Freddy’s Fazbears Pizza takes on an entirely different connotation. The incident that occurred regarding child murder has been whitewashed, the killer animatronics are seen only at their cute, child-friendly face-value, and even the murderer, the Purple Man, has been sexualized by a cult of fangirls.

We’re not a diehard fan of Five Nights at Freddy’s but we can see the appeal of the characters. They have a macabre, twisted thing going on. Most importantly we think they have an air of mystery surrounding their origins and an original design which draw (some) people’s interest. kind of in the same vein as the cenobites from Hellraiser, Pyramid Head from Silent Hill etc. We’d include the androids from the Anime Genocyber as well. Anyways let us know your thoughts on the Five Nights At Freddy’s fanbase.