A firmware update featuring as many as 11 new features was rolled out to Fitbit Charge 2 users last week. The update which comes as a holiday gift from Fitbit also brings along an array of performance enhancements.

The list of new features includes Workout Pause Function, Do Not Disturb option, Guided Breathing Vibration Cues, visual representations of the battery life percentage on the display, Heart Rate Zone Display, as well as a new clock face.

Fitbit Charge 2

In addition, users will also receive the so-called “stocking stuffers” comprising a far easier and more intuitive interval notification, smarter notifications, longer-lasting workout recaps, display of unknown caller IDs, more options with messaging.

You can update the firmware installed in your Fitbit Charge 2 using the Fitbit app on your Android or iOS device. The process is fairly simple — just tap on the pink arrow right next to the wearable’s name and then follow the on-screen prompts. Make sure that the tracker and the mobile device are near each other as the update begins.

Worth noting, recently Fitbit inked an acquisition deal with smartwatch maker Pebble. The deal, estimated at nearly $40 million, will give Fitbit access to Pebble’s portfolio of smartwatch operating system and apps, as well as existing resources including manpower. The company, however, reiterated that as per its earlier promise, no drastic changes will be taken to revamp the firmware, apps, Timeline APIs and app store throughout next year, and possibly in 2018 too.


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