Doesn’t it feel awesome when you wake up after having a good, sound sleep? And it feels even more awesome when your Android smartphone helps you sleep better. Fitbit has joined hands with a team of sleep experts to bring a new feature to its app for helping you get better quality sleep at night.

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The Fitbit app for Android, Windows, and iOS has been updated and has got a new feature called Sleep Schedule. This new feature in the smartphone companion app for Fitbit wearables provides you guides to a more uninterrupted sleep. It helps you maintain a constant and regular sleep routine that will ultimately keep away obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases. Having proper sleep schedule also boosts the overall mental health and improves neurocognitive functions.

The Fitbit APK download has got four major functions. This first one labelled “Sleep Goal” sets a customized goal for you based on the sleep data collected by the Fitbit tracker that you wear. Keep fulfilling these goals for quality sleep routine, and you can manually adjust the number of hours.

There’s a “Bedtime and Wake Up Targets” option that allows you to set up your bedtime and wake up targets depending on your habits, daily schedule, and personal choice. There are reminders too that remind you to complete your sleep goals via push notifications on your smartphone. Finally, you also get a “Sleep Schedule History Chart” in the app that shows your sleep consistency during a particular period of time that will help you keep a check on your sleeping habits.

This new Fitbit app update, that is the new Sleep Schedule feature, will work with all the Fitbit trackers that track sleep automatically. Supported wearables include Fitbit Alta, Blaze, Charge, Charge HR, Surge, and Flex. For the Fitbit One, manual sleep tracking is available.

Fitbit 2.27 APK download is the latest version of the app and is now available for free download. The APK file weighs 19.94 MB and is supported on Android 4.3+ devices. You can download Fitbit APK free from mirror sites like APKMirror.


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