We like horror games but we specifically love first person horror games because they allow us to feel the dread and terror from a more personal perspective. First person horror games are quite old. Probably the oldest is 1995’s System Shock. The game takes place on a derelict space station where you are a hacker who has to fight a rogue AI and her controlled minions. Resident Evil 7 released earlier this year, but that isn’t the only game in the first person horror games roster. There are many more and we rank them from bottom to top.

Best First Person Horror Games

Here is our list of top 10 first person horror games that you should try in 2017. Let’s start with the list.

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10. The Hum Abductions

A story-driven game being built as a prequel to The Hum and the alien invasion simulator both of which make the sci-fi universe called The Hum universe. It looks like an utterly creepy look into the life of Holly Sanders. She’s been living a hard life since her husband’s vanishing several months ago. Apparently, there’s some kind of terrifying revelation and, well, we won’t spoil the game for you.

9. Dollhouse

It’s a noir styled game where a detective by the name of Maria is trying to unravel her past. The idea is that she slowly discovers that she may not actually be right about who she is. The narrative adapts to the player’s decisions and what memories remain valid. Game uses suspense over jump scares.

8. We Happy Few

The game is set in dystopian alternate 60s England. There’s a drug called Joy that’s used to control the citizens and you play as a Downer. Downer is a term for somebody who doesn’t take Joy. However, in order to blend in you have to appear as though you take Joy as you scavenge for food and supplies. It’s an interesting and a bit abstract concept. The art style is also pretty cool.

7. Routine

The game has a sci-fi aesthetic in kind of a retro-futuristic way but not fully. It has a very Alien style 80s aesthetic to it and has you running way from things in an abandoned moon base. You’ll be isolated and have to wander around trying to find your way as well as trying to make sure you avoid any hostile interaction. The art style is a big nod to Alien Isolation.

6. Pamela

Another sci-fi game. It’s an open world survival horror game. However, it also intends to play like an open world sandbox. The game deals with the pursuit of perfection and the cost it has to everybody who lies in its wake. It has a utopian city with the population infected by a disease that makes them aggressive.

5. Perception

This is one scary looking game because you play a blind person. And the way that you visualize everything around you involves echo location. Basically, a first person dare devil game with no super powers and only fear and dread. You are able to see your surroundings by making noise aka echo location. However, make too much noise and you might expose yourself to nearby monsters.

4. The Forest

Basically, a survival-horror Minecraft whose mobs are infinitely more scarier than those in Mojang’s game. Your plane has crashed into the woods and it’s up to you to survive by gathering resources and setting up the shelter for the night. Enemies will spawn randomly and will attack your location at night. You are expected to craft weapons and defenses to fend them off. The game is still in Early Access and appears to be going really good.

3. Dead by Daylight

It’s not exactly a Friday the 13th clone as many people are claiming. The game shares a lot of similarities with Friday the 13th but brings new stuff to the table as well. It’s an asymmetrical horror game where one killer has to kill teenagers before daylight. The killer can set up traps and plays in the first person. However, the prey plays from a third person perspective. Environments will be procedurally generated. Abilities will be unlocked and apparently there’s a lot of environmental stuff that you can do to trip up the monster.

2. Allison Road

The spiritual survivor to the classic Silent Hill PT on the PlayStation 4. PC players were sad that game wasn’t coming to Windows but now the tables have turned and its the console players who have to lament. But we have Resident Evil 7 coming up for both consoles and PC so that’s good news. However, Allison Road takes a different route as opposed to what we saw in Resident Evil 7. It doesn’t give you any weapons and you have to walk around a house avoiding the ghost of a dead girl lurking in the shadows.

1. Outlast 2 is our pick for one of the best first person horror games for 2016

Obviously it’s the sequel to Outlast 1 but we don’t how much it retains from the original game’s story. However, the game retains a lot of the same elements. It will be taking place in the same universe as the previous game and will retain the same mechanics that made the previous game a modern horror classic. This time the environments are more open as you run around in the woods and hide in fields of crops.

Let us know what you think of our top 10 First Person Horror Games For 2016 list.


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