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It looks like the folks over at have managed to access the details of the heat dissipaters and packaging boxes for the AMD Ryzen 7 1800X, 1700X, and 1700.

Ryzen 7 1800X, the most high-end chip in the Ryzen 7 series, will be made available both with cooler (part no.  YD180XBCAEMPK) and without cooler (part no. YD180XBCAEWOF). The product will ship in a gray/orange box and will bring the Wraith Max cooler. Weighing just under 0.55 kg, this cooler has a dimension of 105 x 108 x 85mm (l x w x h) and it supports a TDP of 140w.

wraith max wraith spire for ryzen 7 series cpu

Much akin to the 1800X, the Ryzen 7 1700X will be available in a similar package. The products with part no. YD170XBCAEWOF won’t have a cooler, while those with part no, YD170XBCAEMPK will ship with a Wraith Max cooler (same TDP, weight, and form factors as the one for the 1800X).

The Ryzen 7 1700 box, meanwhile, is slightly different from the others and comes in a shade of dark gray. The Ryzen logo is there right in the front like other products, whereas the back flaunts the heatsink. It will ship with Wraith Spire Cooler with a TDP of 95W and a form factor of 109 x 103 x 54 mm (l x w x h).

amd ryzen cpu packaging box

AMD Ryzen specs and price (full lineup)

AMD Ryzen CPUCores/ThreadsL3TDPBaseTurboXFRPrice
AMD Ryzen 7 1800X8/1616MB95W3.6GHz4.0GHz4.0GHz+$499
AMD Ryzen 7 1800 Pro8/1616MB65WTBATBAN/ATBA
AMD Ryzen 7 1700X8/1616MB95W3.4GHz3.8GHz3.8GHz+$389
AMD Ryzen 7 17008/1616MB65W3.0GHz3.7GHzN/A$319
AMD Ryzen 5 1600X6/1216MB95W3.3GHz3.7GHz3.7GHz+$259
AMD Ryzen 5 16006/1216MB65WTBATBAN/ATBA
AMD Ryzen 5 15006/1216MB65W3.2GHz3.5GHzN/A$229
AMD Ryzen 5 1400X4/88MB65W3.5GHz3.9GHz3.9GHz+$199
AMD Ryzen 5 14004/88MB65WTBATBAN/ATBA
AMD Ryzen 5 13004/88MB65W3.2GHz3.5GHzN/A$175
AMD Ryzen 3 1200X4/48MB65WTBA3.4GHz3.8GHz$149
AMD Ryzen 3 12004/48MB65WTBATBAN/ATBA
AMD Ryzen 3 11004/48MB65W3.2GHz3.5GHzN/A$129
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