Earlier this year, Microsoft announced some news that was rather exciting to Windows Cellphone users, stating that, once Windows 10 Mobile reaches the marketplace by end of 2015, developers will be able to port their apps to Windows platform from iOS and Android with just little code optimizations. And it is all going to be possible with the help of Project Islandwood and Project Astoria for iOS and Android respectively.

android app ported to windows 10 mobile screenshot, leaksNow the screenshots of what is apparently the very first Android program ported to Windows 10 Mobile have reached the internet affirming once again that, yes, it is actually possible to run Android programs on Microsoft’s forthcoming mobile platform.

According to a report by WindowsBlogItalia, it is tough to verify the authenticity of the leaked screenshots, but they really appear real when we look closely at every picture.

These screenshots don’t reveal much but showing a Chinese Android application running on Windows 10 Mobile and putting a live tile on the Start screen, which confirms that Microsoft has almost reached to its goal using its work on Project Astoria.

All this work is likely to finalize in only a few months, when Windows 10 Mobile is projected to reach the marketplace, so at that time, programmers should already have the ability to port their applications to the Microsoft’s new mobile operating system, whether they are employed on iOS or Android.

Based on the information so far, Windows 10 Mobile should be released in September or October this year, along with two new flagship phones – the Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL. Both of these smartphones will be running on the latest Windows 10 Mobile OS out-of-the-box.


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