We tend to enjoy games that are similar to a good book. Firewatch is a solitary escapist experience. Firewatch had the strengths of a gripping story, brilliant branching scripts, convincing voice acting and stunning rt direction. It was one of our most favorite and memorable experiences of the year. So, we were more than delighted to hear the Firewatch Xbox One release date is confirmed for September 21.

firewatch xbox one release date
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Firewatch Xbox One release date set for September 21

The Xbox One version will include developer commentary and a Free Roam mode. In Free Roam you can go around the Wyoming forest without having to worry about story missions. These two additions will also come to the PC and PlayStation 4 after they come to Xbox One.

Once you arrive in the Wyoming woods as a fire lookout, Firewatch’s wonderful ambiance takes hold. The story spans an entire summer. Different days are treated as chapters of the story. They play out at different hours of the day and night. This allows bold red, yellow and orange to color this fictional Wyoming forest beautifully painted scenery. Despite the stylized woods, the two forked woods stick in your mind like a real-life place. Only the strange absence of any wildlife whatsoever betrays the convincing setting. The game sounds as good as it looks thanks to a world-class script acted to perfection by its two leads. Rookie lookout Henry is given a playful vulnerability. The other lead will develop emotionally according to player dialogue choices throughout the game.

Firewatch released to rave reviews on the PC and PS4. The game was initially not coming to Xbox One but it appears a Xbox One release date has been confirmed for September 21. Mark your calendars for the brief but breathtaking adventure the game has to offer. We’ll keep you updated with more Firewatch Xbox One release date news and stuff. Stay tuned to MobiPicker,


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