Users have been complaining a lot about the latest Firefox version 45.0 web browser on different forums. It is common knowledge now that this version also miserably failed to provide users with the GTK3 integration on the Linux OS. However, the fed-up users can now jump to the latest Firefox 46.0 Beta version, which just launched.

As noted by Marius Nestor of Softpedia, the Firefox version 46.0 is scheduled for an April 19 release for all supported platforms, including Mac OS X, GNU/Linux, and Microsoft Windows, but the beta version of the browser has been already rolled out and the early adopters can jump to it.

Firefox 46.0 Beta

The release notes have been made public and the most noteworthy thing in it is the GTK3 integration for the GNU/Linux only. This has been mentioned as an upcoming feature of the final Firefox version 46.0 release.

This seems promising but we shouldn’t forget that the GTK3 integration has been promised since the release of the Firefox 42.0 in November 2015, but it hasn’t found a way to the browser yet.

GTK3 support is of utmost importance these days and users have been asking it for some time now. It also becomes quintessential because of the fact that many Linux kernel-based OS including the most famous Ubuntu uses Firefox as the default browser. Mozilla shouldn’t delay this anymore.

The GTK3 integration brings enhanced theme support, lesser X11 dependencies, HiDPI widget drawing and improves the support for many input devices among its other functions.

Sylvestre Ledru, the Firefox Release Manager and Debian/Ubuntu developer noted on March 2nd, 2016 that this will finally come to the Firefox 46.0. We have our fingers crossed and can’t wait for the official release on April 19, however, if you can’t have that much patience, then go for the Beta version. You can download the Mozilla Firefox 46.0 Beta 1 Binaries here.


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