The BETA version of the popular browser Firefox has seen a new update. The Firefox BETA version is an app for the early enthusiasts who love to give their valuable suggestions and report bugs to the developers so that they can come up with an improved and stable final build.

Firefox BETA 45.0 was released on Feb 25th. The developers have rolled out this new update with a request to the users who use Intel x86 Atom based devices to report their feelings to them.

Firefox BETA

While Firefox is a very popular browser on Windows PC, it is yet to establish itself on the Android OS platform due to stiff competition from Chrome, UC Browser and other popular browsers. But it is slowly picking up the pace and is making it presence felt.

The developers have brought many new improvements including performance improvement, customization and security enhancements in this new update. New features like downloading images in ‘Click-to-view Images’ option in the menu’s advanced settings, adding a toggle to disable camera and microphone sharing in admin UI and new preferences to block .onion at the DNS level have been introduced. Fixes like proper redirection of URLs containing IDN has also been done.

Firefox BETA 45.0 update is available for download for anyone running Android OS 3.0 and above. There is no dpi requirement. You can download the app from


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