Final Fantasy XV ultimately did feel like it was too ambitious. To the point that at the end they had to, we believe, rush and even drop certain aspects. Which again, in our opinion, was a little disappointing and affected the overall impression of the game. Final fantasy XV dropped the ball. But versus 13 would have been a bigger train wreck based on how the trailers were. And what was going on behind the scenes with the staff and trying to turn it into multiple games.

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Final Fantasy XV could’ve worked better with a dark and gritty plot

Best SE can do is learn from their shortcomings in Final Fantasy XV. And pull through with the necessary changes for FFXVI. We personally would LOVE if they take Agni’s philosophy. And develop it into FFXVI considering that the scene seems to be very gritty as well.

For anyone who hasn’t seen it go check the trailer out. It had a design, tone and mood to it that looked like it could really support a dark and gritty plot. There seemed to be some ritualistic ceremony going on. There were very macabre slums. And Agni seemed the kind of women who walked a very grave path and could carry herself as a main protagonist.

That could be a great basis for an epic story. A world in which sorcery gets prosecuted and users are hunted by a technocratic military industrial complex. They could bring in Orwellian control and propaganda of society. And different factions who try to fight for freedom from the cabal, using either magic, summoning magic, medieval weapons, and technology as well. It could be dark and they could expand on this. And bring in messed up families and traumatized characters due to the military taking control in the past.

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