Prompto takes better pictures, Ignis cooks food with better stat bonuses, Gladio finds more/better items as you traverse the world, and Noct catches better fish that grant more EXP and are worth more. With our Final Fantasy XV guide, you will be able to max out the skills of each character quickly. The game keeps track of your skill progress but you have to visit a camp or lodging to rank up. Level 10 is the highest rank for all skills in Final Fantasy XV.

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How to max out quickly in Final Fantasy XV

The most useful of all skills is survival. It will let Gladio loot high-value items after enemy encounters (e.g. Phoenix Down). Reaching level 10 in the cooking skill unlocks one of the best recipes in the game that guarantees critical hits with every attack.

Noctis. Head to Vesperpool (a large lake in the northwest of the open world). There’s a fishing shop at the east shore. It sells some of the best fishing gear in the game, including a high-level fishing rod & reel. This will make it a lot easier and quicker to catch fish. Now go fishing at Vesperpool lake, the same spot where you find the shop. Keep fishing here and visit a camp from time to time to rank up.

Ignis. The fastest and cheapest method is to buy Luncheon Meat from the general store in Lestallum. It costs 100 Gil per piece. This will let you cook the meal “Mystery Meat Sushi” (it needs only this one cheap ingredient). Stock up on 50+ pieces of Luncheon Meat and cook it at a campfire.

Gladio. You’ll do a lot of running over the story too. There’s a neat little trick that lets you run infinitely. Enable the stamina bar in game options and just before the stamina depletes (while running) you hold and release the Circle-Button (PS4) / B (XB1).

Gladio. First buy the ascension “Snapshot” which lets Prompto take a picture in combat for one tech bar. Now use this skill in EVERY combat encounter. Always use it when you have one tech bar. Also buy the technique ascensions “Tech Strike”, “Tech Damage”, “Quick Tech”. They will make your tech bar recharge much faster so you can take more photos.


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