We keep hearing people say this about Final Fantasy XV. And it honestly grinds our gears every time we read it. So we should be “grateful” that the game is what it is because it ‘could’ve been worse’. What kind of nonsense is that? This game should’ve never been given the green light to go gold. It is trash PERIOD.

final fantasy xv
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We deserve a better Final Fantasy XV

All we see is people damage controlling this game. And making excuses for it. Are you all getting paid to justify this piece of crap we’re calling the latest Final Fantasy XV? Because if so, we want in.

And that’s the real problem with gamers nowadays. We’re too lax. We allow these dev companies to screw us over again and again. Out of blind admiration of the games they’ve made.

We don’t care about the director changes. We don’t care about the engine issues. And we don’t care about the fact that they had to rebuild the game for next gen consoles because by the time the game would be scheduled for release PS3 would’ve been obsolete. We DON’T CARE.

All we care about is the finished product. And whether or not it was worth paying full price for. IT WASN’T, BY FAR. What we got was an unfinished, half-baked mess that we’re now expected to pay £20 extra for in the form of DLC that should’ve been in the game already.

And we place the blame on Tabata’s shoulders. Tetsuya Nomura said in several interviews that the main scenario and gameplay ideas were finalized. And that the game was around 25% at the time. Why didn’t Tabata just follow through with the Nomura’s vision? We get condensing the 3 part game into one game. The company probably agreed because they didn’t want another FF13 Fiasco. But to place the blame solely on Nomura means ignoring the fact that he already had a blueprint. He just needed time to develop it.

This game went downhill when this amateur Tabata decided to change everything from gameplay to the story. Instead of working on the foundation that Nomura built.

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