Following a decent couple of months of fussing about it on message boards, PS4 Pro players can at long last experience Final Fantasy XV. They can encounter it at a significantly higher quality. The title’s eagerly awaited PS4 Pro fix is headed not long from now.

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Final Fantasy XV PS4 60 FPS 1080p Pro Patch Arriving This Month

In what’s a great proceeding with a show of confidence and commitment, Square Enix will dispatch the PS4 Pro fix on February 21st. It is an indistinguishable day from the ‘February Booster Pack’ DLC. This includes things, for example, superhero-propelled suits for the FF15 cast to wear in the game. Further details on that booster pack were initially revealed a couple days back at the Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary occasion.

The PS4 Pro fix will permit players on Sony’s incredibly powerful console to play FF15 at 1080p. They can do this while holding a strong 60 frames for every second. Amid the declaration, made by FF15 Director Hajime Tabata in a Japanese ‘dynamic time report’ stream, there was no specification if this fix will settle the screen tearing issues. These issues have tormented the game. However, fingers crossed on that too. The release date for this patch was rumored to be on this exact date before.

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