Final Fantasy XV and Pokemon Sun and Moon both had an unfathomable 2016. These were the titles that were able to crush their past records. Final Fantasy XV to begin off had the best console launch month in the historical backdrop of the establishment since following the sales of the game began in 1995. Final Fantasy XV likewise sold 19% more physical units than Final Fantasy XIII in its dispatch month which is exceptionally amazing.

final fantasy xv
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Final Fantasy XV and Pokemon Sun And Moon offer huge

Pokemon Sun and Moon likewise broke another establishment record. This is on the grounds that the joint sales of both games are the best that the establishment has done in just about 10 years. Moreover, that was when Pokemon Diamond and Pearl dispatched on the Nintendo DS. The genuine deals for Pokemon Sun And Moon are 4.21 million with Diamond and Pearl offering 4.25 million in 2017. It likewise must be said that Diamond and Pearl propelled 2 months sooner than Sun and Moon which clearly assisted with the deals for the year. It’s imaginable that Sun and Moon will overwhelm Diamond and Pearl’s deals in the same time allotment.

Gameplay is the most fascinating part of Final Fantasy XV. It is extraordinary and distinctive. Open world is the second best part. However, it is shockingly deficient with regards to exceptional questlines. But there are some great boss fights and encounters to be had in it. FFXV is a strong game on all fronts other than customization/interesting stores and story.

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