Final Fantasy XV may have been delayed for such a long time, but don’t let that stop you from being excited. You can now get a taste of what to expect from the full game via the Final Fantasy XV Judgement Disc Demo which is available on both PS4 and Xbox One.

final fantasy xv combat dlc
via square portal

Final Fantasy XV Judgement demo is available to try

You can get the demo via Xbox Live market place or PSN live (via university herald). You just have to change your location to Japan and then restart your console. Then go to the store and go to demos, it should be there for download. But the question is, what does this demo have to offer? The high resolution 30fps locked mode is available on the judgment disc. Higher fps standard resolution option is also there, but not at the target 60fps rate yet (it’s around 40-45 at the moment), it’s in the menu options.

We feel like they took cuts and turns when making it suitable for playing without going too far. A lot of players had bugs, like Noctis’s back looking broken and the giant bird going invisible. We still have hope, though, since, for the most part, players had the most fun they’ve had with this game in a long time. And that’s without most of them understanding Japanese.

On the other hand, we have qualms about Cindy’s character design. Cindy’s design isn’t just tone deaf, it’s inconsistent. She’s the only character that’s sexualized to this degree. It’s like Square had done a great job creating a host of characters with reasonable, sensible designs and outfits but they just couldn’t fight the old instincts. It also clashes with the aesthetic of the game in general. If you look at the character files you can find online she sticks out like a sore thumb next to everyone else wearing either tasteful or practical outfits that follow a consistent aesthetic style. We feel like she must’ve been designed in some really weird phase of development when they weren’t sure of what they were doing yet. Let us know what you think of the Final Fantasy XV demo.