An unreleased IGN Final Fantasy 15 trailer with 3 new cutscenes emerged which need some FFXV tinfoil hattery. Square Enix have managed to pull it off and keep the hype train running. Kingsglaive movie spoiler alert is in effect as we delve into Aranea Highwind possibly being a spider-queen with Odin being Regis and all the Norse mythology in this story being true. A hint that a Leviathan summon boss battle is still on the table.

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Final Fantasy XV major plot details revealed

Personally, we think even though we have seen a lot, it could be the tip of the iceberg in terms of what this has game has fully in store for us. In fact, we really don’t know that much when you think about it, just vague possible theories, hints or teasers. It’s already confirmed that Gilgamesh will not be in the game, but something else will take his place in Final Fantasy XV, Tabata said it. It was in one of the interviews with Tabata and game informer or IGN, this information was released like 2 weeks after the duscae demo.

They asked him “since Gilgamesh is a highly respected character in most final fantasies, is it possible that he will appear in ffxv?” and Tabata replied “Gilgamesh will not be in the game but something else will take his place, but im sure you all will love what’s in store”. We just want Gilgamesh in general. He is a really powerful buffoon and possibly one of the strongest anti-heroes in the whole FF series, that he must make an appearance in FFXV or if not, we hope his replacement fills in that gap.

But also note this, that whatever is replacing Gilgamesh, is not going to be a core enemy, maybe a secret one? Tabata hinted a lot of information about this encounter, that we’re still surprised at after 2 years. He has not said anything else since. We wonder if one of the data miners will uncover a musical piece by Yoko Shimomura that relates to battle on the big bridge (aka Gilgamesh’s theme). If they have that then we have a new icon coming in FFXV, at least that is what we hope.


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