A lot of people think that Square Enix fooled us into thinking we were getting Versus XIII. They didn’t fool anyone. SQEX and Tabata had multiple live streams a year ahead of launch. This was where he specifically said a lot of Nomura’s original story and world map in Versus XIII was not going to make it into Final Fantasy XV. And things from previous trailers like Luna’s original role and the battle in Insomnia, for example, would be removed and/or changed. So the transparency was there well before launch.

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People were not fooled into thinking that Final Fantasy XV will be like Versus XIII

We’re talking about a company that now walks on eggshells to appease its fan base. It does this via feedback polls, betas and live streams since FFXIV 1.0 bombed and needed correction. So they’ve been very upfront and not fooling anyone by trying to listen to their fans.

We knew after those FFXV live streams that Nomura’s original story and world was going to get butchered up. And quickly salvaged together into something that can get the game complete and shipped. And that’s what we got. That’s how rushed and patchworky it felt while playing it. But that’s all Tabata’s role was to do. Salvage Nomura’s project into a playable state and get it done. And we now Final Fantasy XV.

Despite what was salvaged to get this game out we still find it enjoyable to play. And even with its many unpolished parts it is still a much better successor to what Versus XIII was overall. Despite its shortcomings.

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