Final Fantasy XV was a fantastic game. We love that game. We also however definitely agree with the lack of story. But still, loved where the creators of the story were coming from. It’s a final fantasy that relates to the players in a realistic way. Life isn’t always full of happy endings, sunshine, and rainbows. Noctis (and the players) started with the mindset that he would journey to finally reunite with the love of his life. And resolve the entire conflict with the Empire and “reclaim his thrown” to become the rightful King of Lucis. But that’s not what happened at all.

Final Fantasy XV

Final Fantasy XV is a masterpiece

Noctis ended up sacrificing everything he cherished (especially Luna) in his life just to bring light back to world. And finally bring down Ardyn. We mean for God’s sake the guy missed out on 10 years of his life. But after all of that, he came out a hero and a king. He gave his life for the sake of his kingdom. This game to us is the definition of a beautiful tragedy. And we think that’s what the creators want the players in the end to see this as.

And the ending was just absolutely beautiful. We honestly think our favorite part was when we return to the title screen. And instead of a night sky, we see a beautifully lit dawn with the newly explained logo. And Noctis’s theme song is playing. That song explains his entire story just from how the melody goes. It’s brilliant what they did there. And we’re just in love with the concept of it. We can’t stand to hear people bash on this game. They’re too ignorant to understand the essence this story is emitting.

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