We knew this update for Final Fantasy XV and the “additional story content updates” would be disappointing. They do not deliver on what the devs have recently alluded to. We don’t say this because we’re a hater or that we dislike the game, either. We just have been around too long that we know to take what devs say with a grain of salt.

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Final Fantasy XV’s new update is extremely disappointing

Whenever devs make promises of adding content that changes the actual story it’s pretty much guaranteed that either they’re not being honest. Or it’s that fans have blown their actual quotes out of proportion. Simply put, adding real changes to the main story for free is literally unheard of in the industry. Do you really think that Square Enix is willing to shell out huge sums of money needed to develop new content of that magnitude after the game has been released and the initial sake period is over?

Not going to happen. 90% of the game’s sales have occurred already in the first couple of weeks. Developers are notorious for over promising. And publishers are notorious for thinking from a pure profit perspective. The time and money spent fixing and expanding Final Fantasy XV could be used to develop future games or expansions that could be sold and not given for ‘free’.

Unless Square determines that by massively improving the game it will bring in many new customers that somehow were ‘waiting’ for future free updates. They’re not going to go through with this.

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