A new interview with Hajime Tabata reveals a bunch of new details about the upcoming JRPG Final Fantasy XV. This included their DLC plans, frame rate optimization, and PC version.

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Final Fantasy XV might hit the PC version by 2018

Tabata reveals that it might take one year to make the PC version of Final Fantasy XV. However, we think it wouldn’t take much time. Since Luminous Studio is multi-platform, they just need to optimized FFXV for windows PC since not all PCs have the same hardware spec. Testing and debugging would be the longest time it takes.

According to vgleaks, Final Fantasy VII Remake and Final Fantasy XV are coming to PC, but likely not until early-mid 2018. The director already praised how smoothly the pre-beta ran on PC and the game is made in DirectX 11.

Also, taking into consideration Square Enix’s desire to bring more and more FF titles to PC (FF IX, FFX), we’re sure the port will happen eventually. The consoles will get their release first of course, but maybe 2017, or when the current gen becomes last gen could be at the latest when the port will happen.

Square Enix would release FFXV on PC considering the development of this game has been almost 10 years. They need to assure the ”return of investment” of this franchise or else they will collapse. They would probably announce the PC version 6-12 months after the release of the console versions, similar to what Rockstar game did for GTA V. It was a 2013 console version and then, after a year in 2014, the PC version came.


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