Today we look at the recent rumors that there will still be a day one patch for the game Final Fantasy XV. The info comes from an interview Hajime Tabata did with Hardcore Gamer. Another patch, another delay, anything is fine with us. We just want it to be good when it’s out.

final fantasy xv combat dlc
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Final Fantasy XV getting Day One patch

“So were not dismissing the patches or the DLCs whatsoever, but when looking at what is provided through the disc, we wanted to ensure that the level of quality is met in terms of what we’d like to deliver on a standard Final Fantasy release, as well as something that surpasses that quality. So especially when thinking about ensuring that a broader consumer base will be able to enjoy the game, we wanted to ensure that that was met with the disc version.” (via hardcore gamer)

We never viewed Final Fantasy XV as removing the chance of all patches or a Day 1 Patch but it will have a substantial Day 1 Patch. The Day 1 Patch before would have included both content, content changes, graphic upgrades, and hotfixes. Now, it will have more to do with any small glitches and bugs they find, many of which are usually not a big deal (there’s no such thing as a game not having a bug).

However, Day One patches leave a bad taste in a lot of player’s mouths. Do people turn in homework assignments half done and then when the teacher goes home, the student comes over to finish it? Cause it’s sorta like that and it looks lazy. We’d rather a company tell us a game is coming out in 2 years than tell us it’s coming out in one year and have it delayed or go through numerous game-fixing patches for several weeks.


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