Square Enix yesterday had an announcement event regarding Final Fantasy XV. Many details were revealed, among them release date, a possible PC port of the game and more. Let us start from the beginning and see what we know about the next Final Fantasy game.

First, the release date is set for September 30, and Square stated that the game will not be pushed back, because it’s in development for quite some time and no major setbacks should appear until September. So, in exactly 6 months we’ll finally be able to see if Square learned something from FF XIV’s awful launch.

Final Fantasy XV

Even better, if you own a PS4 or Xbox One you can download a platinum demo of the game, and see if XV is shaping up to be another huge title of the Final Fantasy series. A special Deluxe ($89.99) and Ultimate Collector’s ($269.99) editions of the game are also revealed, and are available on the Square’s online store.

There’s one (relatively) bad news for PC gamers. Although Square confirmed that PC could happen eventually, they clearly stated that PC version is not in development. The reason behind this decision is that developers wanted to ensure that PS4 and Xbox One versions of the game will be maximally optimized and completely bug-free when released. There is a chance for a PC version, but nothing will be known for sure until console versions get released. Square wants to see how the game will sell and will enough PC gamers be interested to play it before it starts to work on it (if ever).

FF XV will be accompanied with an anime show that will be available on YouTube and will have 5 episodes each 10-minute long. Interesting. Also, a 3D animated movie tie-in will be released but the release date is still unknown, the title of the movie is ‘Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV.’

FF XV will have a mini game of a role-playing pinball (yes, you read it right) that will also be available for iOS and Android, but the release date for it has not yet revealed.

That’s all we know about this (potential) GOTY contender. When future news updates come out, we’ll be the first to cover them, so stay with us and follow FF XV updates. BTW, you can pre-order the game on Xbox and PlayStation store, and if you’re in luck you could get some special free gifts in the form of dynamic PS4 theme or a Special outfit and Carbuncle pet for Xbox Avatars.


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