We’re especially excited for the story updates. You can have an excuse to play through the game again thanks to the New Game Plus. About how other people feel about DLC and this game in general, though. Most players personally enjoy the game and think it’s rightfully a Final Fantasy game. Square Enix has seldom done anything to piss players off. Final Fantasy V is just one instance.

final fantasy xv combat dlc
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Final Fantasy XV Holiday Pack DLC is a free expansion for the game

The Final Fantasy XV Holiday Pack (Free Version) will be released for free for everyone who purchased the game. While the Final Fantasy XV Holiday Pack+ will be reserved to those who purchased the Season Pass. You can find the rest of the details at DualShockers.

We have some DLC ideas ourselves. We think there should be DLC similar to the platinum demo where you are Noctis as a child. But are free to roam Insomnia. The first FFXV announcement trailer where Regis was convincing Noctis to eat his soup and making silly faces wasn’t actually in the final game. Along with the scene from the “dawn” trailer. It would be nice to see the relationship between Noctis and Regis in Insomnia, even in flashbacks.

Episodes showing the past centered on Ardyn, Regis, or Cor would’ve been so much better than anything centering solely on single party members. The only one that would sound good to us is one taking place during/after the events in Chapter 13. We’re not going to spoil it for anyone but if you’ve made it passed it then you should know what we’re talking about. Other than that we really don’t care about any of the party members. The only thing we liked about them was the bond they had and it’s realism.


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