Final Fantasy XV has an immense assortment of weapons. It has weapons from Swords to Daggers. Final Fantasy XV has a weapon that takes into account each play style. In this game, players can get a few guns that guide them in the fight. Be that as it may, the game just has one Sniper Rifle. This guide will help you get the Cerberus Sniper Rifle.

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Step by step instructions to get the Cerberus Sniper Rifle in Final Fantasy XV

The expert marksman rifle can be found in the Fort Vaullerey. This Fort can be gotten to after you achieve a specific point in the main campaign. It is anything but difficult to discover once you access the Fort.

When you are inside the Fort, turn left until you get to a little storage space. The Cerberus Rifle is situated on a case.

The Cerberus marksman rifle is a capable perused weapon in Final Fantasy XV. It has awesome stats. Nonetheless, it’s certainly one of the best guns in FFXV. It permits you to zoom in and target particular points on your adversary’s body.

This is the main expert sharpshooter rifle in Final Fantasy 15. So ensure you get it when you can. It makes many fights a considerable measure less demanding. This is on the grounds that it empowers exactness due to having the ability to zoom in on opponents. Take note of that Noctis is the main character in FFXV who can use this firearm and that Prompto, tragically, can’t utilize it. You ought to utilize it to break your rivals at range and to soften them up before you draw in them. To utilize the extended scope of the rifle, hold R1 and Triangle (RB and Y on Xbox One). In any case, take note of the fact that when you are outside of battle, you can’t utilize it.

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