The season pass will include a significant measure of substance for Final Fantasy XV. However, there’s a great deal more coming later on than initially affirmed. Addressing Famitsu, executive Hajime Tabata shared some energizing points of interest that included time-constrained horde chases. And, additionally, there will be new party characters in Final Fantasy XV.

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Final Fantasy XV up and coming overhauls will change the game a considerable measure

Three story DLC bundles are among the things that will be presented before the finish of 2017. Square Enix have a chance to improve the game. In any case, it’s the more universally useful and feature oriented changes that are foreseen to have the best effect. These include a Moogle Chocobo Carnival Event releasing not long from now. And, in addition, a multiplayer component that will also be a social affair.

In its present frame, FFXV has some real hiccups as far as gameplay is concerned. Most quite amid Chapter 13 where the game makes an enormous gameplay move that backs off from its previous pacing. In 12 months’ time this part of the game is probably going to be fixed, as affirmed by Square Enix.

A better advice for people who haven’t bought the game now would be that they wait for the GOTY edition. Because these changes will make a huge impact. At the moment, the game is a complete mess. Square Enix is trying really hard to fix this mess and we’re confident they won’t fail. Let us know your thoughts.

Source: Famitsu

  • Josh

    The statement that “At the moment, the game is a complete mess. Square Enix is trying really hard to fix this…” doesn’t seem to stand up to anything empirical, probably becuase nothing empirical is offered by the author for a thinking audience to scrutinize. It does however, hint at limitless & conveniently undefined expectations on the part of the author. After playing the game to nearly 100% completion myself, I found it a wonderfully seamless experience with no crashing, or misunderstandings in the storytelling. What Squaresoft is offering to give us in light of a successful launch, is “more.” More of everything, including more new experiences. That is how this could be presented. But, in light of this spin, It is unfortunate this author doesn’t see the value in supporting Squarsoft’s tradition of reinventing their product with every installment, and instead picks up stones to throw.