Final Fantasy XV’s story took a back seat to repetitive side missions. It was a glorified single player version of an MMO. The story can be beaten in sub 20 hours by average players. FF has always been about its stories. The gameplay was fun in FFX. We really enjoyed it. The world map was pretty empty for the most part. Final Fantasy XV looked the same all the way through it despite a few landmarks.

final fantasy xv
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Final Fantasy XV didn’t feel like an FF game

The story had piss poor pacing and character development outside of the 4 characters you play as. Even then most of their character development was in an anime series and will be in future DLC. You didn’t care about most of the side characters or the side missions you were doing. Hunts are repetitive, taking bases are repetitive, hard mode dungeons are repetitive. We could go on.

They need to take the gameplay, flesh it out in the next title so the story is at least 30-40 hours like every other main title is. That includes without the 5-10 hours of driving to every location needed for it. Make more backstory for characters outside of your party. We’re aware no other final fantasy really does that. But most don’t only have 4 party members. And the ones that do actually do create character development for side characters.

Square Enix should make the world maps smaller but add more variation. Lucis could have been 1/4 of the size it is and still keep all its major locations. Then they could have added more areas to explore like Tenebrae, Galahad, Altissia etc.

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