Square-Enix’s second Final Fantasy 15 demo shows much more in the way of gameplay enhancements than it does on a technical level. However, it is interesting to note that performance optimizations are a step ahead on PlayStation 4, while Xbox One retains a very similar performance profile overall to version 1.0.

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Final Fantasy XV – Should you get it on Xbox One or PS4?

That’s not to say that there are not improvements on the Microsoft platform – all the gameplay enhancements and new features are in there, but it’s difficult to avoid the feeling that technical optimizations are one step ahead on PlayStation 4. Final Fantasy XV currently renders at 1600×900 on PS4 and 1408×792 on Xbox One.

PS4 is arguably going to do better. 8GB GDDR5 RAM @ 176GB/s bandwidth or so, vs. Xbox One’s 8GB DDR3 RAM @ 68GB/s. Players have tried the first Final Fantasy XV Demo on Xbox One. It had very bad anti-aliasing, poor frame rate, and the resolution was like 576p native. We’re pretty sure Xbox one can do and hold a steady 30 frames on the final product. It’s only dropping frames because FF 15 was meant for PS4 so devs had a lot of time to fiddle and understand the PS4 inner workings, what it can and can’t do. In other words, the PS4 version of FF 15 is optimized way better in our opinion. Then they decided to port it over to the Xbox one. It’s not easy, especially that they’ll need more time to get to know Xbox hardware at a deeper level.

People have to understand that this will ALWAYS be how it is on consoles, even PS5 and beyond. The extra power will always be used to make the best graphics possible at 30fps. For example, if the consoles both had Titan X SLI, they would use all that power to make a CGI standard looking game that ran at 30fps. To develop a game that runs at 60fps means you sacrifice graphical potential. The game could look better if we halved the frame rate.


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