Square Enix and Tabata have announced that Final Fantasy XV will be getting long, medium and short-term updates. These will be regarding story, cutscenes, and gameplay. A god / invisible mode, chapter 13 overhaul, death magic buff, font size, increase, Japanese / English and other language localization, season pass DLC and new guest members (Luna probably) and other bits will be included.

final fantasy xv multiplayer dlc
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Final Fantasy XV free update is coming

They had to cut out stuff. They even released the script of the original prolog. The devs decided to sacrifice story elements over gameplay. Who knows, they probably didn’t have the resources and SE didn’t want to put more money on it unless they were sure it sells. It did so SE gave them more money.

It was developed then subtracted to be held hostage as DLC (what some people are speculating). And cut out due to resources and time. Over the 10 years FFXV had used up so much material, it was impossible to use it all. The entirety of brotherhood and Kingsglaive was built upon material that they couldn’t fit in, just like that original prolog.

We feel like the story had a crap ton more exposition (like the original prolog). But they required really flashy scenes and they ran out of time and had to improvise. The story and cutscenes are among the last things you develop. That’s why a lot of the exposition is told via notes, newspapers and radios.

At the end, they realized everything wasn’t going to fit and made hard choices on what to cut. Luckily we got some through brotherhood and other avenues. Think in terms of a movie out on DVD that has deleted scenes. You ask your self why weren’t they in the original movie. Who knows, money, time, labor? Hopefully, some questions are answered in the DLC of Final Fantasy XV.


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