Final Fantasy XV is one of the most anticipated games of the year. The title has been worked on for the last 10 years. Ever since its announcement in 2006 for the PS3, people have been dying to play this game. There have been a lot of things announced for the game that will obviously be helpful to know before jumping in headfirst.

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The wait isn’t exactly over for Final Fantasy XV

Expect to see the game on November 29th on the PS4 and Xbox One which isn’t too far away. So, let’s keep our cool. We’ve been waiting for almost 10 years and we’re pretty sure we could hold our breath a little longer.

Square Enix is making sure the game doesn’t have a single glitch

The game is near complete but the developers don’t want to worry about any day one glitches. So, it’s nice to see the game is held at such a high standard. But talk about the hype train!

This game is going to be the most detailed video game of all time

One of the reasons why this game has taken so long is because it is the most detailed title you will ever see in your lifetime. The world is massive and open. It focuses on exploration and finding new secrets. There are cities with different things to do. Your car will help you get around much faster so don’t worry about walking long distances. Also, the car transforms from a vehicle to a ship so you can fly to locations. And what’s better than an air/ land vehicle? An air/ land vehicle that can be customized with upgrades.

Who are you in the game?

You play as Prince Nactus the heir to the Kingdom of Lucius with your father being King Regius. He’s got an attitude and doesn’t want to listen to anyone so he dismisses his royal Overseers. Instead of following the rules, he gets mixed up in a whole bunch of weird stuff with his friends.

There is a VR mode in Final Fantasy XV

A game like this could really draw you into the world. Square Enix noticed this and introduced VR mode. If you buy the headset, there’s a mode where you can shoot down enemies from different positions on the map.


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